Network Consultancy Services

Management consultancy services with focus on process Improvement related to People, Technology and Tools for better Network management, enhanced operational efficiency and improved Customer experience.

Network Launch Services

Comprehensive, Efficient and cost effective rollout services to enable swift Network Deployment and help Opcos achieve favorable ‘early’ Go 2 market.

Pre Launch Services
●  Pre-launch checks and automated network parameter audits
●  Site / Cluster polygon and drive route creation
●  Single Site Verification (SSV) / Site Shake Down (SSDs)
●  Multi-Vendor - Multi technologies Cluster drive test reporting with in-depth L2/L3 and Protocol analysis
●  Alarm management and reporting

Post Launch Services
●  KPI monitoring post commercial launch
●  Daily cell/cluster level KPI reporting
●  Post launch network optimization
●  Parameter tuning and recommendations
●  Optimizing Layer Management strategies for better capacity in a multi carrier Network.
●  Site Close-out-packages

Network Vigilance Services

ML powered Network Vigilance services
Machine Learning based Algorithms for Real time detection of sudden network issues, automatic assignment to the concerned team and tracking to avoid KPI nosedive

●  Anomaly detection based on enhanced algorithms developed from real network experiences
●  Proactive monitoring of network with customizable KPI triggers
●  Chronic / Acute issue classification
●  Segregation of issues under Network stakeholders
●  Automated issue identification & workflows
●  Issue tracking and aging reports

Advanced Network Optimization Services

Application of Optimization best practices for E2E RAN investigation using diverse data sources augmented by automation & correlation mechanism for speedy RCAs & audits.

●  Optimum coverage and quality experience
●  Capacity Maximization
●  Interference Analysis
●  Traffic imbalance control & carrier assessment
●  Layer Management optimization strategies
●  Key / Specific Area Investigation
●  Network KPI improvement, KPI breach control
●  Parameter and Feature Trial, evaluation and implementation
●  High Capacity event management

Analytics as a Services

Solving the Big data jigsaw using extensive 'machine learning' based modeling and advanced statistical analysis

Specialized use-cases & functionalities based on extensive data modelling & regression which include

●  Problem Definition – Measurable, clear and concise
●  Data collection, cleansing and transformation
●  Data Exploration and Visualization
●  Regression analysis: Correlation between Dependent and Independent Variables
●  PCA and Factor Analysis
●  Modeling using Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms
●  Training and Refining the model
●  Validate results
●  Prune and Optimize Model

Software Product Development

Automation & Productization of manually intensive and niche analytics which are imperative for business deep dive & insights

Software services include

●  Product specifications and project management
●  Software Concept design and prototyping
●  Software solution architecture
●  Software testing & Quality audits
●  Product Support with SLAs of application uptime, data availability etc
●  Application support: responding to trouble tickets / user queries
●  Automation : Using a wide variety of tools and platforms to custom develop solutions to automate manually intensive tasks.

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